Top 10 Risk Analytics Solution Companies - 2021

From the onset of risk to its consequences, the entire landscape of risk is dynamically evolving. Businesses are broadening their scope and horizon, and the nature of risks is inextricably expanding along with it. As such, enterprises are tapping into the potential of advanced analytics to implement new response strategies and up their risk management game.

Novel risk-scoring algorithms rank each threat based on various attributes such as priority and severity level. These algorithms help businesses prioritize risks and mitigate them systematically. On the other hand, business intelligence plays a vital role in risk management. Modern reporting systems allow risk managers to create a multitude of dashboards, reports, and graphical analyses of their mitigation plans.

Besides, the demand for behavioral science is dramatically rising in the business world. Behavioral science is helping organizations glean deeper and more actionable risk insights. Companies are using web application scanning to perform behavioral analysis that delivers visual reports of malware trends, scan activity, and risk-prone pages.

As such, the technological advancements in the arena open up a universe of new possibilities for risk analytics solution providers to develop and introduce innovative solutions. This implies that businesses looking for competent solutions have to choose from a plethora of options.

To make this task easier and assist business leaders in identifying the right risk analytics solution providers, CIOReview presents to you, “10 Most Promising Risk Analytics Solution Providers - 2021.”

A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts, and the CIOReview editorial board has selected the most promising risk analytics solution providers. In our selection process, we looked at the company’s offerings, core competency, news/ press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognition.  

    Top Risk Analytics Solution Companies

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    FiveBy focuses on the needs of individual clients to create bespoke solutions based on each company’s risk appetite, challenges, and processes

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    Helps automate compliance activities, integrate data, and streamline reporting. Description: Informed360's smart solutions, designed by compliance and risk professionals, automate ineffective manual processes. The company focuses on enabling organizations to identify and manage risks related to their ethics and compliance programs such as bribery, corruption, anti-competitive behavior, trade compliance, and more. Informed360's risk assessment solution enables clients to conduct assessments across their organizations quickly and easily. The company's easy to use dashboards and reports allow clients to view, prioritize and act on their ethics and compliance risks. With a configurable risk library with over 300 risks, compliance risk assessments can be customized based on the client's needs

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    KDM Analytics provides automated risk and vulnerability analysis solutions that enable companies to find all the possibilities: how a system can be attacked, the threats and undesired events that can lead to attacks, and the impacts of those attacks. The firm’s cybersecurity risk management solutions deploy both top-down risk and bottom-up vulnerability analysis, outputting a prioritized list of actions based on solid evidence. This enables KDM Analytics’ clients to precisely target risk management budgets and resources. KDM Analytics’ crown jewel is the Blade Suite, which includes Blade RiskManager (BRM) and Blade OneReport (BOR). BRM and BOR together serve as a one-stop source to store, assess, manage, and trace all evidence regarding operational and system risk and identified vulnerabilities

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    Lokyata’s platform creates a holistic understanding of borrowers' financial lives using alternate information aggregated from sources such as bank statements, daily transactions, utility payments, employment history, and more. Our team works closely with the lenders to understand their current business goals, which demographics they serve, and how they currently utilize existing data. Lokyata’s platform employs an API hub and digital decision workflow automation architecture to connect to these various data sources and decision on the data. Outcomes from the portfolio, in the form of good and bad repayment behavior, are feedback to the AI models to constantly improve their performance

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    PortfolioScience is a risk management technology company that works with financial institutions, brokerages, hedge funds, commodity producers, and software companies. The firm’s solutions provide fund managers, traders, risk officers, and investors with on-demand access to sophisticated risk analysis capabilities.PortfolioScience’sserviceincludesa robust and dynamic system to identify and analyze market risk. The solution focuses exclusively on quantitative risk calculations used to identify and evaluate such exposures (such as Value at Risk and stress testing)

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    Athenium Analytics

    Athenium Analytics

    Athenium Analytics offer industry-leading insurtech software that helps carriers drive quality, improve performance and write smarter business using predictive analytics and actionable insights

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    Cybexys’ expert system CARAT™ uses Artificial Intelligence to capture the most accurate diagnostic codes supported by the provider’s clinical documentation, to factor the Risk Score

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    Earthvisionz creates risk awareness and dynamic location intelligence solutions that enable companies to make critical decisions faster

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    Nehemiah Security

    Nehemiah Security

    Nehemiah Security helps clients answer the question, “How do security concerns — constraints, vulnerabilities, threats — impact my business in dollars?”After which, the company helps clients make sound business decisions about where and how to spend their security dollars

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    Provenir makes risk analytics faster and simpler for financial institutions. Our Provenir risk analytics and decisioning Platform is a powerful orchestration hub that can listen to any channel, integrate with any data service and operationalize any analytic model